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25 Writing Tips

Project Specifications

  1. Start the project without preconceived ideas.
  2. Know the recipient’s profile.
  3. Be aware of the technical terms favoured by the recipient.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the countries targeted, and write accordingly.


  1. Master your subject or seek the help of an expert.
  2. Ask questions, while being respectful of the expert’s time.
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel when adequate documentation exists and is available.
  4. Record or film the experts to avoid bothering them unnecessarily.


  1. Use simple words.
  2. Verify the precise meaning of words and avoid double entendres.
  3. Favour short, simply-structured sentences.
  4. Avoid writing in the passive, and use action verbs whenever possible.
  5. Limit paragraphs to between 3 and 5 sentences.
  6. Construct paragraphs using sentences that contribute to the paragraph’s main idea.
  7. Keep a consistent style when compiling lists.

Graphic Design

  1. Let your content steal the show, and enhance it using graphics.
  2. Eliminate redundancies by replacing texts with images whenever possible.
  3. Use numbers or bullets with enumerated lists.
  4. Subdivide a procedure if it exceeds 7 steps.


  1. Revise, revise, and revise: comprehension first, style second, and language last but not least.
  2. Have the content approved before proofreading the text.
  3. Ensure that a proofreader edits your text.
  4. Cultivate systematic doubt.
  5. Use electronic proofreaders, but stay vigilant.
  6. Remove all superfluous information and keep pruning!

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